Welcome to YEO ! It’s a great honor for us to thinking about us as your partner.
We believe in authentic partnership/cooperation which is the great opportunity to share our views with other organizations. It’s also an opportunity to make suggestions or decisions together for the future development. Partnership with different organizations has a great value to us and we’ll prioritize this opportunity. To build a partnership it’ll help us together in many ways through mutual planning, decision making, idea implementing, fund raising, data collecting or training. The benefit of partnership means lot to us. We’ve some targets and goals through making the partnership with different organization...

# To mobilize the diverse opportunity information for the youth so that they can get the access with different opportunity. 
# To make an effective suggestion, decision and collaboration in every steps for the future development. 
# To contribute the best work efficiently for our society. 
# To support technically or strategically for designing and improving the project, program or event. 
# To sharing our decisions for empowering the youth around the world. 
# To train our youth volunteers and staffs.
# To generate and implement any effective idea relating to the development.
# To collect the data about youth development and evaluating it. 
# To solve every small or big and critical problems regarding the social issue.
# To step up the youth participation in different social challenges.
# To respect and value any compatible decision.
# To build a mutual relationship with caring.

We’re looking for the prominent partner for our strategic development and to mobilize our opportunity information among the youth around the world. It’s a great honor for us to considering us as your partner. Thank you for everything
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