:: We Wish to Collaborate with You to Make a Best Impact ::
We believe in an authentic partnership/cooperation which is the great opportunity for us to share our views with your organization. It is also an opportunity to make suggestions or decisions together for the social and environmental development. Partnership with different organizations has a great value to us and we will prioritize this opportunity. Through building a partnership, it will help us together in many ways through a program or event branding, mutual planning, decision-making, idea implementing, training etc. The benefit of partnership means a lot to us. We have some targets and goals on the social change through making the collaboration with your organization.

:: Why Should We Collaborate ::

# We can mobilize the diverse opportunity information for the youth around the world so that they can get the access to the different opportunities.
# We can make an effective suggestion, decision, and collaboration in every step for the future social and youth development.
# We can contribute the best work efficiently for our society.
# This collaboration could support technical and strategical design to improve the joint-venture project, program or event.
# We can share our decisions and thoughts to empowering the youth around the world.
# We can train the youth around the world those who are hindered by their obstacles.
# Together, we can generate and implement any effective idea which will contribute to the development.
# We can solve any small or big critical problems regarding the social issue.
# Together, we can step up the youth participation in different social challenges.
# This collaboration will create the respect and value for any compatible decision.
# And, we can make a mutual relationship with care through this cooperation and collaboration.

:: At the End ::

We are actually looking for the operative partner for our strategic and organizational development. Thank you for your interest to YEO.

This online form will take 20 minutes approximately to fill-up properly. We will let you know about our decisions within one month after filling out this form if YEO has confirmed you for the collaboration.
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